TEASER - PADDOCK FOCUS : The Business of Motorsport Photography


The Business of Motorsport Photography

Taking a pretty picture is, in some ways, the easy part of being a professional photographer. Pricing your work, marketing yourself, finding clients and keeping them can be just if not more challenging.

This Paddock Focus episode will be hosted live via ZOOM on Sunday December 3, 2023 at 1pm EST (6pm BST / 7PM CES)

In Episode 13, we will be looking behind the curtain of the business of motorsport photography, because being a successful professional photographer is far more than your ability to produce a consistently high standard of photography. You have to be able to find clients, keep clients and price your work to create a sustainable business.

For many photographers and artists, the business side of photography is the hardest part. Making a living from selling your work in a competitive field where others are willing to do the same job for much less, or for free, presents numerous problems. So in episode 13 Jamey and Drew will tell you how they go about running their business and the best way for any photographer, no matter the stage of their career, to create a successful business model.


  • Social media and marketing for motorsport photography.
  • Business 101 for Motorsport Photography
  • Finding Clients.
  • Pricing your work.
  • Copyrights.
  • Invoices, Contracts and Work Agreement examples.
  • As always, any and ALL questions from our live audience will be answered throughout the workshop.

This Paddock Focus episode was hosted via ZOOM on Sunday December 3, 2023 and is approximately 3h 50 min in length.


Drew Gibson (left) is an award winning professional motorsport photographer based in London, and has over a decade of experience working for clients including Aston Martin, Bentley, Ford and Goodwood. Drew has covered one Rolex 24 and is well known for his work in Endurance Racing and has covered races around the globe in Formula 1, Formula E, WRC and many other International Series. You can find more of his work @drewgibsoncaptures on instagram and @drewgibsonshots on twitter.

Jamey Price (right) is a Charlotte NC native and has covered IMSA, MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar, Formula 1, the 24 hours of Le Mans and more. In 2019, he was named National Motorsport Press Association 'Motorsport Photographer of the Year' and has worked with major brands including Lamborghini , Aston Martin Racing and Toyota for more than a decade. You can see more of his work @JAMEYPRICEPHOTO on instagram, tiktok and twitter.