Workflow and culling: Selecting the images to edit and how to send to your clients.

In Episode 3 of Paddock Focus we will guide you through our workflow, from the ingest of a memory card, to sorting through thousands of images ready for processing.

How we do it, and how can sort images quickly and effectively so your clients get the right picture in the right time frame or you just get the picture that's going to get you the most likes on Instagram.

We'll tell you how to choose between images, what to look out for in a 'winner' and what dictates if a picture is for the bin. We'll run through our software, what dictates if an image is suitable for a client and how to prioritize your work flow. So whether you're a pro struggling to choose between similar frames for your clients, or an enthusiast who's just a bit lost returning from the track with thousands of unprocessed pictures, this episode is for you. Note we will not cover our retouch / editing techniques in this episode.

There will be plenty of screen sharing as we show you our RAW pictures and how we choose which images make it as 'winners'.

Episode length: 3 Hours

What is covered in this Episode:

  • How to select a "winning" image from thousands of others.
  • Software Drew & Jamey use to view, select and separate large numbers of images.
  • Our 'live' workflow we use to sort pictures throughout a race weekend and deliver to clients.

***We will do a brief section on editing images, but a more in depth look at editing will be the discussion Paddock Focus Episode 4***