A short preview of what to expect in this special Paddock Focus Daytona 24h episode.

PADDOCK FOCUS : Daytona 24H Special Episode

The Rolex Daytona 24 hour IMSA race is one of the best endurance races in the world to attend as a fan photographer.

In this special "mini" episode, Jamey and Drew combine their many years of experience covering this event to give you some tips and tricks for photographing the the Daytona 24, as a credentialed photographer OR simply as a fan with a camera! Whether you have been many times, or plan on going for your first time, there are amazing opportunities to make stunning, portfolio worthy images during this race, and we want to help you prepare as best you can.


  • Detailed descriptions of the best locations to photograph at Daytona.
  • Recommended lens equipment to use.
  • What to pack for a 24h
  • Basic photography techniques to use at a race.
  • Detailed overview of getting the most of Rolex24
  • Q & A with Jordan Taylor


Jamey Price is a Charlotte NC native and has covered 8 Daytona 24h races as a professional photographer for teams , drivers and manufacturers. He has traveled the world covering Formula 1, IMSA, MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar, the 24 hours of Le Mans and more. In 2019, he was named NatiHe onal Motorsport Press Association 'Motorsport Photographer of the Year' . You can see more of his work @jameypricephoto on instagram, tiktok and twitter.

Drew Gibson is an award winning professional motorsport photographer based in London, and has over a decade of experience working for clients including Aston Martin, Bentley, Ford and Goodwood. Drew has covered one Rolex 24 and is well known for his work in Endurance Racing and has covered races around the globe in Formula 1, Formula E, WRC and many other International Series. You can find more of his work @drewgibsonphoto on instagram and twitter.

This episode was hosted on January 7, 2023 and is about 2.5hrs in length.


Patric McCready

Daytona 24 Special was so incredibly well done! This has been great for those of us who haven’t been to a 24 h race yet! You guys are phenomenal.

Steven Tellman

The Daytona course really helped get where I wanted/needed to be. This was my first Rolex24. Night shooting cars was one of the most rewarding photo taking experiences I’ve ever had.


This Paddock Focus on the Rolex24 has gotten me both excited and prepared for my first 24 hour race!


Corvette factory driver, Alonso's favorite former teammate, the only man who can pull off a mullet and look cool, 3x IMSA Champion and 3x winner of the Rolex 24h....Jordan Taylor!

Jordan will join for an informal chat to talk about how special the race is as a driver, what he looks for in hiring a photographer to help his social media, a few stories about driving with Fernando Alonso and of course answer a few of your questions along the way. Follow him on Instagram @jordan10taylor !